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About us

GPEKS is a company focsed on clean energy projects. Here is a summary of what we do:

  1. We kick start renewable energy projects by providing our services in preliminary due diligence so that sustainable energy projects can get the financing needed.
  2. We either finance projects or assist land, building and vehicle fleet owners with sourcing funding and to create project plans so project financing can get approved
  3. We develop clean energy projects in collaboration with various stakeholders (municipalities, institutions, equipment suppliers, ESCOs, financing companies, and other larger energy consumer) providing related service.
  4. We train professionals and decision makers to make the business case for potential renewable energy projects. We spread the knowledge and expertise required internationally, with a special focus on regions most in need such as in the African and Asian continents. The mechanism to reach our international audience is supported by our eLearning courses and use of IT tools for the Renewable Energy sector.