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Our international Clean Energy project clients include:

  • Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments and their facility/land owners and managers. This includes green conscious Governments ready to promote their energy independence and that of their constituents
  • Private and public vehicle and boat fleet oowners
  • International Sustainable Energy Organizations and consulting firms.
  • Non Profit organizations, associations, community groups involved with promoting green energy.
  • Manufacturers of Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic Energy, Wind Turbine, Micro Hydro
  • Architectural firms committed to passive/active solar design and to design energy entropic buildings.
  • Building Developers who involved in solar neighborhood projects, eco-condo and solar high-rises.
  • Businesses and Industries who want to improve their bottom line by reducing their energy costs
  • Solar Dealers and retailers, installers.
  • Educations institutions interested to provide effective and quality courses and curriculum.