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GPEKS is a company focused on clean energy projects. Here is a summary of what we do:

  1. We kick start renewable energy projects by providing our services in preliminary due diligence so that sustainable energy projects can get the financing needed.
  2. We finance projects or assist land, building and vehicle fleet owners with sourcing funding. We also assist clients in creating project plans so that project financing can get approved
  3. We develop clean energy projects in collaboration with various stakeholders (municipalities, institutions, equipment suppliers, ESCOs, financing companies, and other larger energy consumers) and provide related services.
  4. We train professionals and decision makers to make the business case for potential renewable energy projects. We spread the knowledge and expertise required internationally, with a special focus on regions most in need such as in the African and Asian continents. The mechanism to reach our international audience is supported by our eLearning courses and use of IT tools for the Renewable Energy sector.

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Goals and Objectives

Our goal is to support the exponential growth of the sustainable energy sector, so that it can prosper into becoming the main sector in the energy industry by the third decade of this century.


Our mission is to contribute to the global shift towards 'green', sustainable, safe and clean energies.


We envision a world where the energy used is not only clean and safe, but is also affordable and empowers citizens, businesses and local governments with decentralized, abundant sources of energy which provide superior comfort, security and peace of mind. We believe that this type of energy is better for any economy, and that it can create jobs while providing increased independence to both consumers and the governments that serve them. We envision a not so distant future where optimum energy efficiency, conservation and renewable energies are systematically considered for existing and new buildings. We believe that it is possible for energy users to take control of energy costs, and to halt the environmental destruction linked to the way energy has been used since the first industrial revolution.

Corporate Culture

The GPEKS Culture is based on core values including commitment to quality and service, excellence, respect, integrity, and continuous improvement. We thrive to nurture long term relationships with our partners and business associates and to treat everyone with fairness and respect. Our corporate culture fosters innovation and creativity. We also believe that a strong and systematic process is a key to success and we carefully embrace technological innovation to boost productivity. Finally, the culture we nurture is focused on a sincere and dedicated desire to help our customers and partners succeed, since we understand that their success is instrumental to ours.


The company was originally created as GPEKS Constructions Inc., and it is now operating as GPEKS. We are federally incorporated and based in the Canadian National Capital region. We have been in operation since 2002. GPEKS is an acronym which stands for Green Power Environment Knowledge Systems.

Since its creation, GPEKS has been working in close collaboration with a growing network of joint-venture partners and agents in North-America, Latin-America, Europe, Asia and Africa, and close trusted collaborators in a growing number of countries.

GPEKS operates from its Canadian office in the National Capital region with a team of people in charge of projects and administration.  Frederic Pouyot is the the co-founder and President of GPEKS, as well as the director of the training division.