Welcome to GPEKS

GPEKS is a company focused on early stage cleantech project development.

Our goal is to support the exponential growth of the clean technology and sustainable energy sector, so that it can prosper into becoming the main sector in the energy industry by the third decade of this century.


Real Estate

We create sustainable real estate that produces more energy than it consumes. Our buildings feature low costs, minimal environmental impact, and optimal comfort. They also generate cash flow through energy, food, and smart rental space.

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We offer comprehensive clean energy project management services, including due diligence, feasibility studies, technical site assessment, equipment requirements identification, regulatory compliance, financial analysis, and risk assessment.

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We offer financing and feasibility studies for the electrification of transport, with a focus on rail, garbage, local delivery trucks, and buses. We establish PPPs for heavy infrastructure and provide equipment leases to commercial EV users. Visit our transport technologies page for more details.

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Our clean energy training and education services are offered by the International Cleantech Institute, a division of GPEKS. We provide curriculum development, workshops, courses, and executive programs in project finance. Additionally, we offer support services for clean energy tools development.

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