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The company was originally created as GPEKS Constructions Inc., and it is now operating as GPEKS. We are federally incorporated and based in the Canadian National Capital region. We have been in operation since 2002. GPEKS is an acronym which stands for Green Projects Environment Knowledge Systems.

  • Green Projects is What we do, and we help our clients to make Green (profits) with Green Projects by helping them with the financial aspect (money is Green).
  • The Knowledge Systems are the Effective and Efficient Operating systems - the How we do it.
  • The Environment is at the heart of the company in its essence, ourĀ  Why, or reason of being.

Since its creation, GPEKS has been working in close collaboration with a growing network of joint-venture partners and agents in North-America, Latin-America, Europe, Asia and Africa, and close trusted collaborators in a growing number of countries. A Board of Advisors made of seasoned professionals and authorities in their field supports GPEKS strategic development.

GPEKS operates from its Canadian office in the National Capital region, with a team of people in charge of projects and administration. Frederic Pouyot and Mary Hough are the initial co-founders of the company.